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Latest News

November 2016 – Shoebox Appeal

The VI Form has made a wonderful response to the Samaritans’ Purse, Christmas Shoebox appeal, ‘Operation Christmas Child.’ The project was organised and launched by members of the Spiritual Depth and Leadership Team. They collected a grand total of 167 shoeboxes – a new record for the VI Form. The shoeboxes were packed and wrapped full of fabulous gifts, with a special mention to 12AS and 13RF for collecting an amazing 20 and 21 respectively. A donation of £474 was also given to the charity in order to cover postage and transportation costs. The shoeboxes will be sent to children this Christmas in order to bring joy to those who have very little and need to know they have not been forgotten at this time of year.Thank you to everyone who was involved, it has been brilliant to see such a fantastic response from the VI Form yet again!


November 2016- John Paul II Award

Our second group of 6th form students are about to embark on the John Paul II Award during this coming academic year. This award rewards the voluntary work that our young people do, both in college and outside of it and to achieve the Gold award they need to do 40 hours of voluntary work. The Award was created to commemorate the late Pope John Paul II who was so committed to young people and who had such belief and confidence in them. To complete the award, the students need to take an active part in the life of their Church and their community. Examples of activities that can be done in the parish are reading at Mass, altar serving, a member of choir/music group and assist with the children’s liturgy, to name but a few. Examples of activities in the area of social awareness that students will undertake are a young leader for CAFOD or at a youth group, fundraising for a charity, supporting disadvantaged children in Lourdes or simply by raising awareness of the needs of others.


November 2016 – Alumni Fair

Carmel held an alumni event, inviting ex-students back to the college to talk about their experiences. Some were currently studying at University; some had graduated and others held apprenticeships around the country. They gave current Year 13 students the opportunity to find out about career options first hand, giving them a better understanding of what they want to do after Sixth Form. A wide range of university courses, apprenticeships and other employment options were covered, with ex-students coming from universities around the country. Former students expanded on their respected courses such as law, medicine, and languages, as well as offering current students advice on their A Levels and extracurricular activities.The event was a major success, being especially significant in the UCAS application process. As a result, many students have received offers from their chosen institutions, as well as gaining valuable knowledge on university life, career options, and A Level advice.


November 2016 – Freshers Fair

The Fresher’s Fair was a great success. Aimed primarily at Year 12 students, it gave them chance to view all the opportunities on offer to them at Carmel Sixth Form. Each group of the extended leadership team had prepared a display that contained details about the role that a particular group plays in the Sixth Form. It also gave the students an opportunity to sign up to join their choice of group. This ensures that each one, Academic Strength, Spiritual Depth, Sport, Music, VI-Wear and Events reflect the attitudes of the whole sixth form. It gives students an opportunity to mix with different friendship groups, all with individual talents. After the Fresher’s fair, all the students who had signed up to their respective groups had been contacted by the relevant member of the Extended Leadership Team. The aim is to incorporate their talents and ideas in any future decision making and planning of events. So, that next year, they have the relevant organisational skills to continue implementing the wide range of ideas that the sixth form have.


October 2016 – VI Form Retreat

This October, over 50 students from the Sixth Form travelled to the Emmaus Youth Village in Consett for the annual retreat ran by the Youth Ministry Team (YMT). The YMT gathers together young people (18-30) from all over the world to live a community lifestyle and provides school retreats and activities. This was our biggest retreat yet. The retreat consisted of time for reflection, praise and worship, games and time for debating philosophical questions. The team reported back that students had given the most profound answers they had heard from Sixth Formers and were blown away by the maturity and complexity of answers. The theme of the retreat was ‘Detour’, based upon the idea of spending the time to decide about the next step we have to take in life. The retreat motivated students to have faith in themselves and feel more confident in the choices they make; students said it was an eye-opening experience that they thoroughly enjoyed.


August 2016 – Carmel VI Form Results

A Straight A Performance from our Billy Elliot Star!!

From age 10 to 12 Annabelle Crosby-Stewart was working on the stage in London performing every night in Billy Elliot and she has just achieved straight As in her A levels at Carmel College as a result of her hard work and commitment.She celebrates alongside the rest of Carmel Sixth Form students where 23% achieved grade A and A*s and initial results show 55% achieving A* to B grades. Students are delighted with the results and most have been accepted in their chosen university placement.

Carmel College has, once again, performed above National Standards with the A level results and are delighted to have a proven record of performance that is both solid and sustained over time. This is a testament to the hard work of the teaching staff, support of parents and the commitment of students.