Emily Knights – Carmel 6th Form

Emily Knights

Study Subjects:
Public Services

Why did you study these subjects?
I picked the above subjects because I have always had an interest in speaking to people in different countries and understanding other languages. History has always appealed to me because I find it interesting to understand how other people lived and I chose Public Services because the Police and the work they do is vital and I wanted to learn more about it.

Tell us your favourite memory of your time at Carmel college sixth form
My favourite memory at college was getting to know people from across the North East who chose the college for their Sixth Form. This included getting to know both people in the year above me and those younger from a range of different secondary schools.

How did Carmel College help you prepare for the future?
Carmel College helped me to prepare for the future by giving me all the support I needed. I received extra Spanish speaking practice and I was given the opportunity to expand on my Spanish language knowledge by assisting in a lower school Spanish class and understanding how teaching a language works.

What are your plans for the future?
In the future I would like to study Spanish at University, and then go on to work for the Foreign Office with these language skills. The true aim for me however is to work as an Ambassador for the UK in a Spanish speaking country, where I will be able to support those in need as well as be involved in foreign politics.