Emma Morrison – Carmel 6th Form

Emma Morrison

Study Subjects:

Why did you study these subjects?
The main reason was that they were my favourite subjects at GCSE and people had told me that you should only do a subject at A-level if you enjoy it because you have to spend a lot of time doing it. I’ve always found biology and chemistry fascinating and I needed them to study medicine. I’ve always loved maths and without wanting to sound arrogant, I was quite good at it, so it seemed like a good choice. I did french because I wanted a bit of variety in my timetable, also I want to travel in the future, perhaps work abroad for a while and I think learning another language and culture opens your mind and improves your general communication skills, so it’s actually a really important thing to do.

Tell us your favourite memory of your time at Carmel college sixth form
I think my absolute favourite memory is Lourdes, it’s kind of hard to explain if you haven’t been but it’s an fantastic week in a really, really special place with incredible people; actually, I’m kind of hooked now, I went both years in sixth form and I’m going again this year with another group so I’d definitely say it’s had quite a big impact on me. I also really enjoyed “Flame 2” which was a big Catholic youth conference at Wembley Arena that I went to with students from the lower years; and the Leavers’ Ball at the end of year 13 was also a really special and memorable evening. And my maths teachers’ baking will always have a special place in my heart (they gave us loads of cake); particularly Miss Newbould’s marshmallow cupcakes, they were divine.

How did Carmel College help you prepare for the future?
I suppose the obvious ones are preparing me so well for my A-level exam and medical school application. However, I think going to Carmel gave me a lot of other really important skills, I was deputy head girl which, as well as skills like organisation and negotiating, also taught me about taking responsibility and facing up to consequences when something has gone wrong and reflecting on my experiences, which are both really important in my career. I also used to help out in year 7 and 11 French classes which is something that I couldn’t have done in other colleges but that I found a really helpful experience in teaching and explaining ideas to someone with less understanding than me, also very important skills in my career.

Where are you now?
I am currently in my first year studying medicine at Newcastle.