Sophie Hird – Carmel 6th Form

Sophie Hird

Study Subjects:
Music Tech

Why did you study these subjects?
I knew I wanted to do something within the creative industry but wasn’t sure exactly what direction I wanted to go in. I thought choosing English Lang and History would develop my essay writing skills for the future!

Tell us your favourite memory of your time at Carmel college sixth form
New York!!! I went on the 2012 trip to New York and it was incredible. I have been back this summer and hope to spend my year in industry there!

How did Carmel College help you prepare for the future?
Carmel was great for teaching me to plan ahead. I was never the most organised person and my teachers at college definitely made me more aware of time and coursework deadlines (especially Mrs Kane and Roberts!). This has helped me a lot throughout University with deadlines and organisation skills.

Where are you now?
I’m currently in my second year at London College of Fashion studying Fashion design and specialising in menswear.