English Language

Course Code:

AQA English Language A Level - 7702

Typical Entry Requirements:

6 in GCSE English Language

Career Possibilities:

The demands of the English Language A level means that students will have acute communication skills, adapting their linguistic choices to suit audience and purpose. These skills will be of use in fields such as journalism, publishing and clerical service. Further to this, the opportunity to explore language change and language acquisition would provide students with knowledge that could be applied to a teaching qualification.

The Programme:

The AQA A Level English Language covers a broad range of topics which help pupils to develop their subject expertise by exploring key language concepts and engaging with a range of texts and discourses. The English Language is constantly evolving and while studying we focus on language as a living thing, a constantly evolving process that provides a unique and insightful view of people and society. The course consists of three broad components: Language, the Individual and Society; Language Diversity and Change and Language in Action. These areas cover a range of interesting topics such as: Language and Ethnicity; Child Language Acquisition; Language and Occupation and many more. Students who study English Language learn to analyse the building blocks of language and investigate the situations that influence how we use it.

The timetabled allocation for English Language is five hours per week and you will have two teachers who deliver different aspects of the course. The course is designed to allow students to create texts and reflect critically on their own processes of production, while analysing the texts produced by others. An emphasis is placed on the ability of students to pursue lines of enquiry, debate different views, and work independently to research aspects of language in use. Students will draw on the linguistic experience of their teachers as well as pursue individual lines of enquiry.

The duration of the A Level course is two years, with two written examinations at the end of the course, in which pupils draw together their knowledge, skills and understanding from across the full course of study, alongside a coursework component, which is worth 20% of the overall A Level qualification.

Why Study This Subject?:

The course makes use of a variety of assessment styles such as data analysis, discursive essays, creative writing and research-based investigative writing. Due to this breadth, students are able to develop a wide range of skills such as critical reading, data analysis, evaluation, the ability to develop and sustain arguments and a number of different writing skills, which are invaluable for both further study and future employment. The multi-faceted nature of the course enables students to apply these skills to other curriculum areas such as, history, philosophy and ethics and English literature.




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