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Entrance to the VI Form is not based on religious affiliation. All applications are given equal consideration and places are offered on commitment and merit.

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Choosing Your Subjects

Choosing the right programme of study for you at Sixth Form is probably the most important decision you will have to make in the coming months. The choices you make now could influence your future career. While it may be very tempting to simply choose subjects that you enjoy and find interesting, it is also important to think further ahead and consider what you might want to do in the future. Therefore, it is absolutely vital that you think very carefully about your academic strengths and interests, do your research and seek advice. We offer over 30 subjects at Carmel Sixth Form from a range of A Levels, BTEC & Level 3 Courses and Cambridge Technical Level 3 Courses.
We expect all students to study a minimum of 3 subjects in Year 12, we also allow students to study 4 subjects. Students must continue with a minimum of 3 subjects in Year 13 except in exceptional circumstances. We are a full-time educational establishment and do not admit students on a part-time basis.

Who should make the decision about my choice of subjects?

You. However, it is such an important choice that you should consult others.
• Consult your parents/carers. Remember you need support from your parents for at least the next two years, so it is important to discuss your choice with them.
• Consult the school - the requirements of Higher Education have changed and are still changing, so ensure that you act on very up-to-date advice.
• Consult careers staff – they will have (and share) up-to-date knowledge of the changing landscape of higher education and careers.

Remember – to be successful, you must build on strength.

How do you choose your A Level Subjects?

The subjects you choose to study will be influenced by three important factors:

1. Your ability in the subject concerned, or one closely related to it.

For example, if you are considering History, strong English skills are useful; if you are thinking of Physics, then Mathematical skills are crucial.

2. Your interest.

You will be studying for two years, which is a long time if you do not actually enjoy the subjects you have chosen. You may be looking forward to the opportunity of taking up a completely new subject. However, if
this is the case, then make sure you know exactly what that subject entails, the topics you will be studying and the scheme of assessment.

3. Your career aims and ambitions.

You may need to study particular subjects for certain careers, e.g. medicine, dentistry, veterinary science. Science, Computing and Engineering related degrees require Maths at GCSE and often at A level. Regardless of the subject you want to study, the majority of university courses look for at least a C grade in English, Maths and perhaps Science – that is grade 4 or 5 under the new structure. If you want to go into a teaching career, you should be taking at least 2 national curriculum subjects.

Students who wish to apply for entry into the 6th form can apply online, by clicking the 'Apply Now' button below, telephone us on 01325 254525 or email

As a general rule students applying for level 3 courses (Advanced AS/A2/VCE) should obtain a minimum of 5 passes at GCSE grade 9-4 including maths and English, plus the minimum grade required for subject(s) of their choice.

We pride ourselves on attracting the best students from many different schools and look forward to receiving your application.

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