Connor Evans

Connor Evans

Study Subjects:

Why did you study these subjects?
I based all of my subject choices around the things that really grabbed my interest, as I was yet to make a decision on what I wanted to study in the future. My love for problem solving drew me to Maths, alongside the fact that I knew the subject would allow me to keep as many doors open as possible after College. Studying Chemistry turned out to be invaluable, giving me an opportunity to apply the skills I had learnt through Maths to real-world scenarios. Geography was an obvious choice to me, simply due to my love for the subject. Geography has really helped to broaden my worldview, as many of the topics I studied in the classroom related directly to current affairs, from climate change to Brexit. The essay-based nature of Geography also provided a healthy change from my other analytical subjects, giving me a more balanced academic experience during college.

Tell us your favourite memory of your time at Carmel college sixth form
It’s hard to pin down the amazing experience I’ve had at over the last two years to one memory. The New York trip was an obvious highlight – I never thought I’d have found myself on a new continent with College! Every day was unforgettable: watching a Broadway show; having lunch in Central park; looking out over the edge of the Empire State Building – the list goes on. The social aspect of College has also been amazing, forming new relationships in lessons, lunches and frees. I’ve grown closer with familiar faces and bonded with some completely new ones as well! I’m lucky that I’m leaving College with friends that will stay with me for life.

How did Carmel College help you prepare for the future?
The teachers at Carmel have not only given me a great foundation for further study, but also provided me with invaluable skills outside of academia. I’ve learnt how to voice my own thoughts and opinions, with relaxed classroom discussions allowing me to realise that it’s important to challenge and question the world around me. Developing a curious yet confident academic voice is something that will only aid me in the future. Carmel has also helped me to realise that seeking support is okay as well – with teachers offering one to one help and advice with anything I am struggling with. The tight knit college community of students have staff has really helped to give me a sense of belonging. I have also learnt that, whilst academics are important, having a well-rounded work-life balance is even more so. After this year, I hope to continue my studies, applying for Economics at university.

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