Message From Director of Sixth Form

So you are starting to think about your next step after secondary school. Choosing where to go can sometimes be confusing but don’t let it daunt you.

By choosing Carmel VI Form, you will be making a decision that will help ensure your safe passage to the wider world of higher education or successful employment. At Carmel VI Form we work hard to promote a balance between the structure you have been used to in secondary school and greater independence. There are many differences between life in VI Form and life in secondary school. A Level work is challenging and time-consuming but here at Carmel we will support you and provide outstanding academic and pastoral care throughout your time as a VI Form student and also equip you with the practical and emotional tools you need to help you cope with the increased pressure of being a VI form student. VI Form is an exciting time in your life and by choosing the subjects you love, studying is made much more enjoyable.

If you want to get lost in a huge FE college, then Carmel VI Form is not for you. We focus on a core of just over 300 students, which we believe is the right size to offer dedicated facilities, outstanding teaching and really focus on helping our students to make the right choices to succeed at university, in life and employment. Our College has a history of successful students. Year on year we receive excellent results and our students go on to some of the UK’s leading universities.

Carmel VI Form is full of new opportunities. We are a community built on Academic Strength and Spiritual Depth; a collection of individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds who come together to work, play, reflect, compete, discover, analyse and ultimately succeed.

It is my firm belief that every young person wants to be part of something great. Therefore, whether you are already a Carmel student, or coming to us from another school, I am confident you will find Carmel VI Form to be a great place to grow and learn.

Louise Parnaby

Director of Sixth Form

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