Course Code:

Fine Art A Level - 7202/C

Typical Entry Requirements:

6 in GCSE Art

Career Possibilities:

Designer, Photographer, Stylist, Illustrator, Artist or a Teacher

The Programme:

Students are required to produce two coursework units and an exam unit over the two years. Candidates will develop a coursework portfolio based on given themes, such as ‘Inside Outside’, ‘Structures’. The course requires students to work in sketchbooks, researching and developing ideas, towards a final outcome. All units of work will include looking at the work of other artists and designers, supported by visits to galleries and museums.

Teaching is directed at the needs, strengths and interests of the individual student. All units of work are tailored to allow the individual to explore original and creative solutions in any or several of the following techniques: print making, sculpture, photography and ICT, painting and drawing, mixed media and collage relief techniques.

There is a balance of learning activities, which include specific skill and technical instruction, self and peer assessment and one-to-one tutorials. The exam board we use is AQA and the A Level will be assessed on students’ personal investigation units worth 60%, including a 3,000 word essay and an externally set unit worth 40%, including a 15 hour practical exam. This is internally marked and externally moderated. For students opting to only complete AS, the coursework portfolio (60%) and externally set unit (40%) is internally marked and externally moderated.

Why Study This Subject?:

Art enhances fine motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination, problem solving skills, lateral thinking, complex analysis and critical thinking skills. No matter what career you choose, those who can arrange, present and display material in a way that is aesthetically pleasing have an advantage. Art makes us look at things anew, appreciate beauty, embrace diversity; it broadens our cultural horizons and develops our personal resources. Communicating with colour and shape and form awakens the imagination, sharpens our senses and expresses our identity. If you love making art, you’ll miss it when it’s gone. If you do choose to study A Level Art, it is likely to be your favourite class of the day.




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