Course Code:

AQA History A Level - 7042CH

Typical Entry Requirements:

6 in GCSE History (if taken) or a 6 in GCSE English Language if not taken

Career Possibilities:

History helps with a number of career opportunities, some directly connected to the study of history and others where the skills can be transferred. These include: Law,
Archaeology, Museum work, Teacher (Primary and Secondary), University Lecturer, Civil Service, Politics and Journalism. History complements a number of other subjects including other written subjects such as English, Geography, Philosophy and Ethics. It is also a popular subject for students who are studying Sciences and Maths and wish to have a subject that contrasts with their
options and allows the opportunity to study a subject that requires extensive written work.

The Programme:

A Level history at Carmel offers students the opportunity to study 3 topics in great detail over the course of 2 years. These include:

• The Tudors: England , 1485-1603
• France in Revolution, 1774-1815
• Personal Enquiry

In Year 12, students study Henry VII and Henry VIII, as well as the background to the French Revolution and the Revolution itself. For example, students debate the factors leading to Tudor Rebellions, riots in Paris, the outbreaks of war and the numerous
consequences, while in Year 13 they continue to study Elizabeth’s reign, as well as Napoleon’s rule. In Year 13, students also undertake a personal enquiry of 3500-4000 words, covering 100 years of history from a choice of options.

Teaching at A Level takes on many forms including lectures, presentations, group work and project work. The course is a 2-year programme of study.

At the end of the 2 year course, students need to submit their personal enquiry as well as sit 2 x 2.5 hour examinations on the topics covered in the two years of study.

Why Study This Subject?:

History is not only about the past. History is understanding where we are now, how we got here, understanding the mistakes and the successes that have been made and seeing how the past shapes our world today. It also offers the opportunity to study some fascinating and interesting areas of history, the individuals who shaped it and to see correlations between events from hundreds of years ago and their sometimes frightening similarity to today.




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