Religious Studies

Course Code:

OCR Religious Studies A Level - H573A

Typical Entry Requirements:

6 in RE (if taken at GCSE) or a 6 in English Language or English Literature if not taken.

Career Possibilities:

Religious Studies opens many different doors due to its skills being highly marketable, desirable and transferable to a range of academic disciplines, careers and endeavours. Recent students are undertaking further studies in Law, Media Studies, History, Theatre Studies, Medicine and many others, as well as the traditional routes of pure Philosophy, Theology and Biblical Studies. Graduates in Religious Studies gain employment in a wide range of areas, e.g. Teaching, Counselling, the Police, Law, the Service Industry and Medicine.

The Programme:

Students study this course in Religious Studies with the OCR exam board. This course includes three areas of study, which are:

Philosophy of Religion; Ethics and Religion; Development in Christian Thought

These modules are studied at A Level and examined at the end of the course. Links are assessed across the topics in order to reinforce the learning and critically think about the extensive nature of religious, theological, philosophical and moral issues.

The course is delivered utilising a variety of pedagogical methods including: lectures, seminars, workshops, thinking points, student presentations and debates. If you have studied RE at GCSE, you must have at least achieved a 6 grade. Additionally, you must also have achieved a 6 grade in English.

Why Study This Subject?:

Religious Studies is incredibly challenging, hugely interesting and extremely rewarding. The course covers some of the most profound questions in the history of humanity, such as ‘Does God exist?’ ‘Is killing always wrong?’ ‘Why do innocent people suffer?’ and ‘Are we really free?’ Therein, students discover the intrinsic value in reflecting and contemplating, in order to develop and challenge their own ways of thinking.




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